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PlayStation Has Unveiled Their Newest Logo And Hardware Features

Tell me, you didn’t see that coming.

Next-Gen Consoles to look forward to this 2020

The world’s biggest electronic and video game companies are blessing gamers this 2020; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Welcome To The Future! Check Out This Seat That’s Like From Wall-E

These seats closely resemble the ones from the animated movie, Wall-E, and we can say that we’re totally in the future!

SM Mall of Asia shows off Leather Reclining Seats

Latest technology has also been installed for better movie watching

LOOK: The World’s Tiniest ‘Gingerbread House,’ Ever

It’s a sweet Christmas in this cozy, little 'gingerbread' house.

Star Wars-Theme on Messenger

Facebook’s messenger application has released a Star Wars theme

Installation of e-gates for departing OFWs, goal of Immigration Bureau

Bureau of Immigration plans on installing e-gates for the departure area for OFWs

OPPO welcomes the Holiday season with a Grand PamaskOPPO Christmas Roadshow on Dec. 7

Mark your calendars on Dec. 7 and head over to Glorietta 2 Activity Center for the exclusive ONE-DAY SALE for the PamaskOPPO: Christmas Roadshow!

The Force is With us in This awesome Star Wars-themed Instax Camera

Instax Mini 9 is having a Star Wars feels!

Samsung Teases With New Foldable Phone Concept

It looks like an old flip phone, except it’s way more high-tech!

Fan Art Contest Coincides With The Release Of Times Three: Dash Mobile Game App

Attention to all artists!

Xiaomi Announces Concept Of First Bezel-less 5G Smartphone, Mi MIX Alpha

The first-ever “surround-display” smartphone, Xiaomi claims its body is “180%” screen.

The 7T: OnePlus Launch Event

The fastest 90hz smartphone, OnePlus 7 has gotten even faster, turbo fast— OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro.

Throw It, Chase It: Mini-Drone For Your Kid And The Kid In You

Easy and fun to play

DICT Allots P1.2B For Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Funds will come from the allotted DICT budget in the proposed P4.1 trillion national budget

Blend Now With This On-The-Go Blender

Make your favorite smoothies wherever you may be!

Apple Event 2019: The Verdict!

Definitely a great comeback from last year— Better battery for iPhones, bigger iPad display, "Always-On Display for Apple Watch", Apple Game subscriptions and more!

New Leap For Science: Water Found On Possible Habitable Planet

Hello, Earth 2.0?

NASA-winning Filipino ‘ISDApp’, Set For 2019 Launch

Award-winning local app created to make local fishermen's job efficient and a whole lot safer.

Prepare For Liftoff: Space Apps Challenge Set For Relaunch

An opportunity to “build solutions to global challenges.”

SAMSUNG NOTE 10 & 10+, Is This For You?

Finally, years of criticism, the voices are heard— the Bixby button is no longer here.

Apple To Donate For Amazon Rainforest

An aid for the preservation of beauty and biodiversity.

An Eco-friendly Approach To Hygiene: A Rechargeable Portable Bidet

An alternative way to clean yourself without using toilet paper and wipes.

Road to Wider Networks: Free Wi-Fi For All For Pag-asa Island Residents

Opening possibilities for better communication and connection.

Filipinos, This Is Your Chance To Name Two Celestial Bodies

Ultimate bucket list: to name a celestial body. 

Duterte Signs Law Forming Philippine Space Agency

Issues concerning space science and technology will be the main focus of the Philippine Space Agency.

Huawei Introduces HarmonyOS: 'Revitalizing Huawei Smartphones'

Hongmeng (in China) or Harmony OS – the new operating system of Huawei from smartphones to wearables.

Say The Word And MUAMA Will Translate It For You

Just press, speak and get the voice translation in an instant. A must device that should be included in your travel kit.

Sleepyheads, Beware! A Device Can Now Detect Sleepy Drivers In Russia

Pull over and rest for a bit, or you’ll be caught by the facial recognition. An advanced technology is soon to roll out in Russia.

Hyundai Unveils Sonata Hybrid: The First Car With Solar Roof

Hyundai Motor Company revealed their new Sonata Hybrid, the first ever car with a solar roof charging system.

Terms For Your Hardware

When you go to a computer store or gadget store, you will always encounter terms that are so unfamiliar and very difficult to fathom. Well, check this out, and maybe you’ll finally understand what they are talking about.

OPPO Reveals Waterfall Screen Technology

“Taking borderless smartphone innovation to new heights, we’re thrilled to give you a first look at ‘Waterfall Screen’ technology," Chinese smartphone maker OPPO stated on their Twitter account.

NBA2K Welcomes WNBA To The Roster: WNBA In NBA2K20

Relive the first-ever WNBA dunk with Lisa Leslie for the first time ever, in basketball video game history, WNBA in an NBA2K game.

WEARABLE. BASS. That’s It, You Got To Check This Out

Imagine listening to "Believer" by the Imagine Dragons or "Bahomian Rhapsody" by Queen-- Mic drop, everyone drops.

Zoom Your Vision On Command Through These Contact Lenses

Unreadable road signs? Distant advertisements? Blink twice and see it clearly like never before.

Here's How To Make Your Desktop Come To Life!

Spice up your Desktop! We only need three ingredients; (1) Wallpaper, (2) the navigator and (3) the utilities! Give your PC some flavor!

A Robot That Collects Your Sperm For You, For Medical Purposes, Of Course

Fast, Safe and Easy-to-use. No more awkward trip to the bathroom. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bucket List: New Tech Gadgets In 2019

Advancing further into the future leads to more innovation. It is important to adapt to these changes, and maybe it will also help ease your problems.

Samsung's Galaxy UNPACKED: Note S10

A fitting name, it encapsulates the galaxy, as the first thing you’ll notice with the pictures is the humongous screen accompanied by, of course, is a humongous price tag as well.

FaceApp More Like Wait Up: #OldAgeChallenge, Privacy Issues

The #OldAgeChallenge, not because a lot of people are doing it, you should too. There's a lot to consider before hopping on the bandwagon.

DIBZ: Mobile App For Parking Made Life Easy

Trouble Parking? Say no more with DIBZ. A mobile application that made it easier for you to find and reserve a parking space.

eSport in the Philippines, imagine that?

Victory for Philippine Gamers! The time has come... E-Sport is here.

Loud And Proud Pinoy-Themed Wireless Headphones!

The Blue, the Red and the Yellow noise canceling Headphones!

The New Nintendo Switch Lite: All About It

A not so pricey way to play switch games, minus the gimmicky charms of the original. Imagine this being the same as the 3DS’s 2DS or the forgotten Wii Mini.

The Phone that Fits you

What's better than finding jeans that fit you perfectly? Finding a phone that's basically perfect for you!

History-Centric Games, Made By Filipinos

Filipino games made by Filipinos for the Filipinos!

A Skyrim-esque, Pinoy Mythology game

"Welcome! Come and walk around Balete City! Make sure you put your shirt inside-out first before you step in."

The Deets and Hits on the Philippines Low & Slow Megabit

It all started from Philnet’s 64 kbit/s.

We Are All Time Travelers

Time traveling has been one of the most fascinating concepts we have today. In fact, there are numerous time travel movies franchised, showing different concepts and means to make it possible.


Imagine receiving an email from someone you know with ‘ILOVEYOU’ on the subject line and an attached file ‘LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs.'

G20 Summit 2019: US Trade Ban against Huawei on Momentary Timeout

It is strategically better for them to continue doing business with each other as Global Economic Growth is slowing down.

Eco Brick ‘Em All Up

Wastes aren't wasted at all as repurposes plastics.

Back-To-School Apps

Stock up on Back-to-School Apps (or for Work)! These. Are. Def. A. Need.

6 Filipino Made Apps

The 21st century is different, come bring forth a new wave of Filipino tech companies and developers. “Support Local!”

Filipinos Say Hey To Huawei

Huawei’s been one of the three largest Phone Manufacturers in the world, being in a sort-of crisis, what does this mean for the Filipinos?