Up Close and Personal: The People & The Ash-filled Cities near Taal Volcano

January 13— With the recent eruption of Taal Volcano and the declaration of alert level 4, after months of being under closer monitoring for showing signs of eruption back in October 2019.

List of Things Turning 20 in 2020

Turning 20 this 2020? Here’s a list of things turning 20 this year.

Reaching Summits With Gab Mejia

"As human beings, as a creator you should never be in a comfortable position, you have to keep learning..." - Gab Mejia

Claim It! 2020 Is The Year To Move On

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

To The Person I Was In 2019, You Did An Astounding Job For Making It To 2020

Finally, bidding 2019 a grateful farewell for new lessons learned and wisdom gained.

Leave toxic people behind this 2020

Free yourself.

Finally, 2020! Seeing things better.

The year 2019 is ending just as when we are starting to grow tired of it.

Vital Life Lessons We Learned From Nine Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli is renowned for its unique and unparalleled craft, and the lessons we sought to learn from them.

A Letter For My Old Self

Dear old self, thank you for holding on a little longer.

An open letter of a Ninang to her Inaanak

Dear mga inaanak,

To the people who'll spend their Christmas alone

Christmas. The season of joy, love, giving, sharing, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tips on How to Enjoy the Holidays: Avoid Annoying Relatives and Work Stress

Holidays are exciting — good food, good laughs, and good company. But nerve-racking relatives and situations can get off-hand and spill a mess on your holiday season. So here's how to avoid fun holidays gate crashers.

The Skypod House Tour is finally out!

Welcome to Slater and Kryz Young’s pod!

Bayong ni Maria: Handcrafted Bayong with Love

“Bayong ni Maria is specially handcrafted with stories interlaced between every fiber from the heart of the one who made it.”

Slow Down! You’re Still A Work In Progress

Work hard but stay calm

5 Important Lessons Your Waiting Season Is Teaching You

Waiting doesn’t have to be as dreadful as it seems to be.

A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Light Up One's Day

“Kindness is free to give, but priceless to receive.”

Guilt-free Guide on Spending on Your Payslip

How spending just enough can help you survive until the next payslip

HORRORS OF THE LIVING: True Life Stories More Haunting Than Ghosts

Not all ghosts are supernatural; others live inside our heads.

What They Don't Tell You About Grief

“Pain demands to be felt” - John Green

Toxic Positivity: What It is And How To Avoid It

Too much of anything is good for nothing; optimism is no exception.

MMDA’s traffic contingency plan for Christmas season

Spearheaded by MMDA, shopping mall owners, water, electric and telecommunications utility together with DPWH plan on prevention of Carmageddon on holiday season

Teach Your Child The Importance Of Consent

Consent isn't solely about sex, it's more of respecting boundaries.

To Everyone Who Isn’t Feeling Enough Lately

If people let you down, these words are for you.

Take The Risk Or Lose The Chance?

We all have our secret desire that we’re too afraid to conquer. May it be for our personal growth or relationship matters. But whatever it takes, never be afraid to take the risk.

Stop Telling Boys They Aren’t Boys When They Express Emotions

Tears and sobs are not signs of a man’s weakness.

Stop Having Fake Friends in Your Life

Learn to let go of the people who are not true to you.

Making A Difference: Kana Takahashi for #SagisagPeople

Be inspired to inspire.

Optimism Is Just An Illusion

If optimism is just a thought and not acted upon, it remains an illusion.

Should You Settle For An 'MU' Relationship?

Nowadays, there are relationships without clear commitments. People call it “MU” but what does it really mean?

Believe It Or Not, Your Family Is Your Greatest Love

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” –Barbara Bush

When Your Thoughts Scream, Let It Speak

Acknowledge your mental health, it matters.

Don’t Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

Be happy for yourself. Be your own happiness.

Build Connections, Not Competitions

Competitions are temporary. Connections are forever.

Celebrate Smiles In World Smile Day!

Spread kindness, goodwill, and cheer

Make Your Parents Feel Appreciated Everyday

As we’re busy growing up, our parents are growing older, too. Let’s make them feel appreciated every day.

Find Your Purpose, It Will Keep You Going

How can you truly say you're successful in your craft?

Songs To Help You Cope Through The September Blues

When it feels like the sun is not shining on September, count on songs to help you get by.

You Can’t Force The Best To Grow In You

What does it take to be the best version of yourself?

Learn To Walk Away From Things That Are Not Meant For You

There is something bigger and brighter that awaits you.

3/21 | Live Your Life Thru These Numbers!

Habits form when you do the same thing for 21 days in a row.

Is Your Best Friend Still Your Best Friend?

Distance and time won’t define your friendship, it’s about how you get through it.

Is Money More Important Than Family Time?

A family with a balanced life can be the wealthiest of all.

8 Remarkable Classics You Should Read (or Reread) This September

Because nothing beats the feeling of flipping a physical page of a book.

Pets Are The Best Gifts In This World

Pets are priceless gems. They’re the best!

The Blessing Of Losing

Moving on is never the key to keep going from losing, you have to move forward with it and own it!

Choosing Yourself Is Not Selfish

Is putting yourself first, selfishness?

Reliving The Past: Why You Should Start Learning Baybayin

Learning how to write Baybayin can be a way to experience the Filipino culture.

BANG! How To Leave A Good Impression

A good impression can lead to great opportunities--- Seize it! 

How To Keep The Fire Burning When You’re Burned Out

Work hard but never forget to look after yourself.

Why Having Guy Friends Is Like Having The Best Of Both Worlds?

Girls, guy friends are the best friends you can ever have. Here’s why!

Be That Person Despite…

Be the “sure let's talk” in a world full of “uhm sorry i can’t“.

Quotes To Help You Conquer Your Day

Hey, you. Yes, you! You can conquer the world! You got this!

Why You Should Hold On To What You Are Doing?

It is hard but what if there’s more.

You Can Never Be Ready To Lose A Loved One

Although you can never go against death, you can learn to cope with every lose.

A Good Father Makes A Strong Independent Woman

Behind every strong independent woman is a supportive father who believes in her.

Things To Remember To Stay Motivated In Work

Working is another part of everyone’s journey and it is not always easy. Take these tips and stay motivated.

Stop Reminding Women To Find Someone Who Sees Their Worth

Be the person who knows your self-worth

A Friend For Keeps Is Not Necessarily A Constant

Not because someone is always with you that the person will be there for you. Companionship is as sly as a physical presence and as genuine as a virtual connection.

Best Revenge For People Who Hurt You

Are you in pain? Don’t worry! I’ll give you a tip on how will you make revenge to people who’ve hurt you.

Career or Lovelife?

Having both is indeed a blessing, but choosing in between is harder than you expected.

When The Emotions Overwhelm, It Feels Numb

It’s scary how an overdose of your own emotions can create a callous of immunity where you can't feel anymore.

Here’s How You Move On From A Cheating Relationship

Love can make you go through all sorts of pain but the worst is from a cheating relationship.

Don’t Let Anyone Set Limitations On Your Growth

When we’re asked about our goals in life, most of us wanted to be rich, to be happy, to have a comfortable life—and it all falls on being the person that we wanted to be.

A Makeover When It's Over

How do you keep yourself functioning when your core dies and drains the life out of you? How do you keep moving forward when the pain keeps holding you back? Here's a tip on how you can get it over with.

"Traveling Back And Forth?": An 'Uwian' Student's Guide

Not all of us can afford a condominium or an apartment where you can stay nearby your college or university. In other words, you have to endure the everyday hustle and bustle of cities.

Why Career And Relationship Are In Conflict

Success in love life and career at the same time is rare to achieve at once but despite the countless dismay of trying, many are still brave of risking.

LIFE, RELATIONSHIP: When and how do we know if it's the right person

What's the secret in finding the right person?

How To Make-up For Yourself Every Day

Here's a starter pack on making up for yourself every day from all the pains you've been through and start facing all that let you down with a proud person.

Don’t Rush Things, There Will Be A Perfect Time For You

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that you’re being left out? People around you are starting to achieve their goals and get their dream jobs, and then you suddenly realize that you are behind them?

Here’s How Devastating It Is To Be With A Cheater

I won't move on from the pain you caused me; I will move forward with it. I'll familiarize myself, So the next time it shows up in front of me, I'll know what betrayal looks like.

Why Are We So Obsessed With Romance?

Romance, do we really need it?

How To Maintain A Low Maintenance Relationship

We used to think that relationships demand something from us but little did we know it just needs the truth in us. Relationships aren't requirements in school that have criteria whether someone passes to the standards or not, it's a connection you do not need to force but it just happens.

Choosing Between The Life That You Love and The Love of Your Life

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Until When Is It Worth Another Piece Of You

Generosity is a language of love but when do you know when giving is too much? To what extent will you keep breaking yourself to patch someone's emptiness?

The Only Man Who Leave But Never Left

Before Avengers, we all have our own Superhero and we call him Daddy. He’s the one who will say yes when Mommy says no. He may not know how to do her daughter’s hair but he knows how she feels. He may not be that showy but he can do everything for the sake of his children. And for a daughter-father bond there’s nothing funnier than dad-jokes. But how does it feels like, when Daddy is no longer be at your side? When you lost your first love in your life?

To Everyone Trying To Find Their Self-Worth, YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT!

Embrace your whole-being, other people's opinion won't define your value.

Having No Closure Is The Closure

Questions of "why" will always be a bother. It will demand an answer but will never accept a reason. Either way, you'll just keep asking in search of answers but more often than not, it demands time before it clarifies.

How To Feel Brand New

Is life becoming boring for you that every day is a drag scenario to get yourself up from the bed and grind for the day? Ever wonder what can spark the change in you then maybe you could try this starter pack.

Some Tips On How Will You Make Your Unproductive Day To Productive One

Tired of doing the same thing? Read and try these tips to make your day more creative.

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Faithfulness?

It is but normal to feel jealousy when someone over crosses their lines in an intimate relationship however, is the feeling a validation of how much you love a person?

How Can You Go Back Home When It Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore?

Home is the only place where you can show your real self without wearing any fronts.

You'll Never Learn How To Stand Up Until You Fall

What kills us definitely are the ones that make us feel alive. Although to feel pain could be the least anyone would prefer, it would be the best teacher of life lessons.

Mom Is My Greatest Enemy And Here’s Why

My mom is the first one to contradict me on everything and I think we’ll forever have this love-hate relationship.

Single-Shaming Is Real And It Should Be Stopped

“Singlism” has been defined by Social scientist, author, and professor Dr. Bella DePaulo as “the stereotyping, stigmatizing and discrimination against people who are single.”

Perks Of Being A Loner

Not everyone can handle being alone while walking on the streets and doing things alone but once one can overcome the fear of being a loner, one can find solidarity within.

An Open Letter To The Guy I Spent My Three Years With

Three years of wasted opportunity and chances you should have taken before the thin thread finally cut off.

An Open Letter To Those Who Feel Like Giving Up

Here's to all of us who keeps on struggling, lost, finding a place in this world and who keeps on fighting. Youll make it.

Why Do We Think Happiness Is So Grand That It's Hard To Achieve?

They say, “study hard, find a stable job and work hard to be rich that’s the only way you can be happy”. Happiness has become so grand in this world that we think it’s so hard to achieve. Some are even afraid of what it’ll bring after. But these thoughts and beliefs are the things that are keeping us away from happiness.