Ph Multi-Billion Companies Listed In Forbes’ Asia's "Best Over A Billion"

Eight multi-million dollar companies from the Philippines were included in the list of Forbes Asia’s inaugural “Best Over A Billion”.

Hong Kong: The Economic Implications Of The Protest Rallies

Hong Kong protests are hitting the region where it hurts. 

Garfield. Is. Back. Viacom Purchased All Rights To Garfield For Nickelodeon

Ready your lasagna, your sarcastic remarks and a whole-day of sleeping--- because the kitty who is a master of all of that is making a comeback.

Hong Kong: Laser Protest Rally Held After Arrest Of A Student Leader

It was a majestic view until you realize why it is happening in the first place.

New York: Motorcycle Backfire Cause Panic In Time Square

It's the least thing passersby would want to experience.

Hong Kong: The Context You Need To Know About The Current Happenings, PH’s Move Towards OFW’s Welfare

Hong Kong has been a silent region until the issues of democratic development sparked and disrupted the order.

Pinoy Driver Receives An Honorary British Empire Medal From Queen Elizabeth II

All hail loyal Filipino staffs!

Marikina Sends 20 Teachers To Japan To Teach English

Olympic Updates:

Filipina Beauty Queen Crowned Miss Fashion World 2019 in Malaysia

Another Filipina beauty queen has brought home a crown for the Philippines!

Pinay Nurse Recognized By Prince Charles After Aid In Terror Attack

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am,”--- Joy Ongcachuy.

Apple Reveals New Emojis On World Emoji Day

In honor of the World Emoji Day, Apple has revealed 20 out of 59 of the new emojis which they will be releasing this fall.