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Whale sharks are back in Camiguin; gov’t tells locals & tourists not to cause them harm

Camiguin Governor Jurdin Jesus Romualdo says he wants to give these gentle giants a safe and natural environment to thrive in.

Up Close and Personal: The People & The Ash-filled Cities near Taal Volcano

January 13— With the recent eruption of Taal Volcano and the declaration of alert level 4, after months of being under closer monitoring for showing signs of eruption back in October 2019.

DENR: Save the animals, don’t harm the endangered species escaping from Taal Volcano eruption

“We need to save our endangered species. They were taken care of for a long time so they don’t go extinct.” -DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda

Traslacion 2020: Devotees leave 330 tons of garbage on the streets of Manila

One of the largest religious feast in the country also brought huge amounts of trash.

Celebs who pledged donation to Australia; Here's how you could help

Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst bushfire seasons in memory.

Celebrating New Year's Eve The Filipino Way

These beliefs have remained with our families even before we were born, and it's not bad to believe in them.

Quezon City Memorial Circle To Get A More Sustainable Development

Together with the Department of Tourism, the heritage park will be preserved by enhancing the site in a sustainable manner.

Ford And McDonald's Collaborate To Turn Coffee Waste Into Car Parts

This collaboration between Ford and McDonald’s proves how brands with different sustainability initiatives can still work together toward one goal.

Hazardous haze from Australian Bush Fire wraps Sydney

More than 11 times the considered “hazardous”

Greenpeace calls on Duterte to declare climate emergency

The group reiterates the devastating effects of climate change.

Malaysia’s Sumatran rhino becomes extinct

An entire species extinct in Malaysia.

Coldplay is not going on tour until shows are environmentally sustainable

Coldplay’s newest album, Everyday Life just released last Friday. But no tour is planned for this latest album because of environmental concern, says the British band.

Bars In Italy Are Now Using Pasta Straws To Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic use and saving the environment can’t get more Italian than this!

Cambodia to ban elephant rides at Angkor Wat in 2020

By 2020, tourists can no longer ride elephants in Angkor Wat temples.

5 Lifestyle Changes You Need to Make to Help Fight Climate Change

In celebration of International Climate Change Awareness week, here are a few things you need to know about climate change and lifestyle choices you need to make to help reduce its effects.

Magnitude 6.5 quake strikes again in Cotabato

Tulunan, Cotabato hit by a Magnitude 6.5 earthquake on Thursday

Aftershock strikes Magnitude 6.1 on Tulunan

Cotabato hit by a 6.1-Ms aftershock following a 6.6-Ms quake

Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Cotabato

Cotabato hit by a Magnitude 6.6 earthquake on Tuesday

BREAKING NEWS: DA confirms ASF on processed meat

DA on virus infected pork

Gov’t allots financial assistance to farmers hit by low sales

Low price rice, DA helps rice farmers

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Davao Occidental

Phivolcs reports earthquake in Davao Occidental

Why You Must Travel Now And Not Later?

You gotta travel these places NOW because they are already endangered and you'll never know until when can it wait for you to be explored. The world's slowly melting down so you have to chase these places before they come next in line of extinction.

Magnitude 4.1 Quake Hits Zamboanga Del Sur

PHIVOLCS announced a 4.1 magnitude in Tabina town

How to Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Live a life healthy for you and the environment.

Frontier Technologies As An Innovative Tool To Transform Waste To Wealth: World Habitat Day

Shaping the future of our cities and towns

Igorot Hunks Plant Tree Seedlings At Yamang Bukid Farm

"They also take care of the planet as they take care of their bodies."

UNICEF: 10 Million Children At Risk Due To Indonesia Wild Forest Fires

Severe and growing challenge for Indonesia

“How dare you!”: Greta Thunberg Alongside 15 Fellow Young Climate Activists Sues Five Countries, Gives Wake-Up Call

"Because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil. And that I refuse to believe." — Greta Thunberg.

DENR Urges Public To Stop Littering In Waterways

Cleanup is good but proper disposal is better

Bamboo For Sustainable Development Goals: World Bamboo Day

Emphasizing the value of global bamboo awareness

32 Years And Healing: World Ozone Day

It's becoming an everyday battle for our planet

Angara Files Plastic Straw Bill, Charges P2 Per Straw

Changing habits for environmental protection

HIBLA HEMP Movement Marches For The Legalization Of Cannabis In The Philippines

What's your stand on marijuana's decriminalization/legalization in the Philippines?

Why You Should Travel Now And Not Later

Have a safe and responsible tourist experience on these Philippine destinations!

DOT, WWF Teams Up For Sustainable Diner Project

Moving forward to sustainable consumption.

The Amazon Is Burning And It Needs Your Help

The Amazon rainforest has been on fire for the past three weeks and it needs help.

Dar Promotes Balanced Fertilization To Attain Food Security

“To attain food security, we must adapt a balanced fertilization strategy.” – DA Secretary

Rainforests And Their Importance

A vast land for a whole planet.

Bangkulasi River Cleanup Deadline Is Until December – DENR

An order to clean our bodies of water.

Bamboo As Solution For Climate Change, Cimatu Says

Embracing new alternatives to battle climate change.

Amazon Rainforest Fires Raging At A Record Rate, Activists Blame Brazil’s President

A devastating event for mother earth.

PHL, US Military Install Artificial Reefs

Preserving and revitalizing the Philippine environment.

DENR, El Nido Rehab Continues

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will continue rehabilitation of the El Nido beach in Palawan, but it will be open to tourists.